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Quick Reporter compatible Datastores

QuickReporter allows you to connect to different Datastores, Repositries and files. The connection window in QuickReporter allows for several connections

  • MS Access.97, 2000, 2002
  • MS Excel
  • SQL Server and MSDE
  • CSV file

What about other Datastores, Repositries or files.

At this moment in time we do not offer connections to other Datastores, Repositries or files. This does not mean that we can not it just means that we have had no request from our users to do this. We may allow users to create there own connection string through ADO, this needs to be driven by the users or potential users to see if this would be advantagous. Why not email us with your ideas or your own specific needs perhaps you have your own Repositry that you need to connect to. - Technical Sales



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