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Personnel and Human Resources (HR) Software for employee and staff management Quick Personnel Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Quick Personnel FAQ.

Why am I unable to log into Quick Personnel?

  • Check that you have entered the correct User Name and Password, remember that the password is case sensitive.
  • Did you have an abnormal exit from Quick Personnel? If so wait a few minutes for the system to flush redundant users.
  • Check with your administrator that your user account is enabled.
  • Ensure another User is not logged into QP using your username and password.

Why can I not see the correct information in Quick Personnel?

  • Check you are logged into the correct data store.
  • Make sure you saved all the details correctly.
  • Ensure that another user has not changed the information.

Why am I unable to access some areas and Information?

  • Check with the Administrator you have access to these areas on the User Settings screen, and the tick is set to View.
  • Is your Security Setting lower than the Employee you are trying to view?

Why am I unable to edit some areas of Quick Personnel?

  • Check with your Administrator your User Setting is set to “Edit”, and not “None” or “View” only.
  • Is the Item a Standard Item in your pick list you are trying to edit? If so you need to add the Item through the Standard list Screen. See On Line Help for details.

Why is the Holiday Date range incorrect on the Attendance Screen?

  • Check that you have assigned the correct month in the Holiday Starts box on the Company Screen.

Why can I not see Company Standard Holidays on my Employee Details?

  • Check that you updated All Employees on the Company screen after allocating Standard Holidays correctly. See On line Help for details.
  • If you used the menu Edit – Import Employees on the Company Screen, check that under the Options section the tick was enabled for Copy Company Holidays for new employees.
  • If you added a new employee through the Employee Wizard on the Employee Front screen, check that the tick was enabled for Import holidays.
  • Check another User has not edited the Attendance Details.
  • If you used the menu Edit – Add New Employee option within the Main employee screen, did you click “Yes” when asked “Do you want to transfer Company Holidays to this Employee”?
  • Check you are looking in the correct year range at the top of the Attendance screen.

Why are some Employees not visible?

  • Is your security setting lower than those Employees locked?
  • Check another User has not removed these Employees from the system.
  • Check these Employees have not been moved to another Company within your Group.

How can I record if an Employee is on Maternity Leave or Compassionate Leave and have it show up on their Attendance Records?

  • Check to see if the category you require is in your Standard Pick list, if not add the Item you need under the Header for Employee Status. To record this in Attendance use the “Other” category and type in your description in the Attendance Screen when it is in the Docked Horizontal or vertical position, by clicking your Right Mouse button and editing the description as required.

Some Employees earn commission how can I track this in QP?

  • You can add any extra information in the Notes box which is located on the Salary Detail screen within Employee Details.

How do I change or edit the Custom Fields to make them appropriate to my Company?

  • You will need to be within the Employees main screen, click “Tool” and “Configure”. You will now be able to amend the 8 User defined custom fields. Be warned this will change the custom fields for all employees in the datastore.

I have changed some of my settings, but they are still the same. Why?

  • Ensure that you saved your changes correctly.
  • Some changes will only apply if you log out of the system then back in again. You will be prompted if this action is necessary.

Can Quick Personnel tell me which employee I was last viewing or editing?

  • Yes, if you have not exited from the Employee Screen you can click the menu “file” and then “most recently used”. This information is not saved if you exit the Employee Screen for security reasons with other Users.

How do I move multiple Employees to another Company?

  • You can do this individually by editing an Employees details on the General detail Screen, you will need to change the Blue Compulsory field Company Name to the new company as required. Refreshing the Employee list will amend your changes.


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